Real Estate Investor Quick-Guide to U.S. Title Records Online Title Research and Property Record Services

Real Estate Investor Quick-Guide to U.S. Title Records Online Title Research and Property Record Services

U.S. Title Records staff members respond to client questions from investors, lenders, brokers, attorneys and the general public about how to use the service most efficiently and make recommendations on which report(s) will provide the information requested in a given scenario.

The following quick-guide chart provides real estate investor clients with summary information about the key differences in the service packages.  This is the first in a series of articles and quick-guides to be published through December 2020, after which the user guides will be expanded and updated on a quarterly basis.

Service packages commonly purchased by investors and investment firms during the due diligence stage of a real estate investment:

Property Lien Report

Same day service


Property and personal liens recorded against the property and indexed by the property address. This service is generally used by investor clients who know the owner/seller, the values and the area well.
Full Property / Owner Lien Report

Same day service


Recorded Liens
Personal Judgments
Bankruptcy filings
Purchased by clients who do not know the owner/seller but are intimately familiar with the values and the area.
Homebuyer Package

Same day service


Recorded Liens
Personal Judgments
Bankruptcy filings
Comparable Valuation Report
Area Statistics & Demographics
Purchased by clients who do not know the owner and want detailed information about the current comparable valuation figures and the neighborhood statistics to fully evaluate the property before contemplating investment.
Expanded Title Search

Same day service


Homebuyer Package PLUS:
Current Vesting Deed
Parcel & Flood Maps
Purchased by clients who have immediate questions or concerns about the deed, parcel and/or flood map.
Abstract Service

3-7 business days

$95+ (cost varies)

Used to obtain any document or run customized searches for specific purposes, i.e., custom easement searches.


  • Linda Kunicki


    The property we are considering is lodging and vacant land. There are 4 parcel numbers involved. We do not know the area values well, wonder about the title and any liens. Would this be the right site for reports on the below parcels? Would this be separate for each parcel ID? Thanks for any insight.

    address (note there are some townhomes with this address but are not part of the lodge and vacant land.
    N12390 Black River Rd, Ironwood, MI 49938

    It may be under Driftwood Properties as owner.

    these are tax IDs for this property and business-


    Linda Kunicki

  • Eric T. Martin

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Please contact me regarding Residential Property Title Searches. I look forward to hearing from you. Tank you.
    Dr. Eric T. Martin
    678-527-2271 or 2272
    2-3-1 / 10:00 AM EST

  • Jeanette Richardson

    I am seeking guidance on how to obtain the history of a property or chain of ownership on property described in a deed found among my deceased parents’ papers. The deed shows my great-grandmother transferring land to my paternal grandmother in 1949. I hired a title search company to help me research this but I can’t seem to get a progress report from them after 3 months. Can you let me know the best way to research this property? Which report might I purchase to get information on property history, sales/transfers and/or current ownership. There is no street address only a legal description of the land.

  • Lacy ` Steele

    Please assist me in locating the Deed to my property located at 16717 NE 22nd St. Bellevue, WA 09008

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