Online Title Search Services for Real Estate Investors

Quick, Convenient, Confidential Online Title Search Services

U.S. Title Records is an online title research and property records company designed to provide clients with a quick, convenient, confidential service that is available to its client base every day of the year.  Many seasoned real estate investor clients who purchase property frequently in person and via online auctions calculate their own risk and close transactions without title insurance.  However, U.S. Title Records staff does not recommend to any client that a transaction be closed without a title policy.

Clients rely on the confidential, “no frills” efficiency of the service and only engage in communication to the extent they want or need to communicate.  U.S. Title Records does not contact existing or potential clients to solicit business or for any reason.  Company staff members respond to direct, written requests for contact and all communications are completely confidential.  The company’s flat-fee services include a consultation so that clients are never charged or dismissed.  The company does not provide legal opinions or investment advice but will research and answer other questions, make recommendations to consult with third parties when necessary, and provide clients with referrals to specialty law firms, title companies, and other professionals.

U.S. Title Records has been in service for over a decade with a large and growing client base. The company is open every day of the year, including holidays.  All service orders begin processing immediately upon receipt of payment and are completed within 1-12 hours (typically 1-2 hours), unless otherwise noted on the service descriptions.  Inquiries must be in writing and are responded to within 1-24 hours.  That is the general rule but there are exceptions depending on the research required to respond.  The company does not market or advertise as the business is referral-based and used daily by professional trade groups across the globe.

U.S. Title Records is an online title research company for research purposes only.  The company does not issue insurance policies, title commitments or close transactions.  See Term of Use and Refund Policy.



U.S. Title Records Editorial Staff – November 24, 2019