Expanded Title Search Report

Expanded Title Search

(Preliminary Title Search)


Report includes the following detail and reports:

Includes a 10 – 30 year title search and transfer history (grantor/grantee) depending on the county.

NOTE: For UCC, Liens  and judgments filed against an individual or business entity, please see Individual profile and Business profile reports.

  • Property lien report Plus (Involuntary and voluntary liens, Lis pendens, judgments) filed against the subject property
  • Property valuation report (property valuation by comparable sales)
  • Full property detail report
  • Transaction history: transfers with prior mortgage and sale information
  • 1st and 2nd mortgages with lines of credit opened for subject property
  • Complimentary copy of current deed (if deed image is available online)
  • Assignments, liens, UCC and Judgments
  • Aerial and street map
  • Foreclosure activity report (if applicable)
  • Neighborhood demographic and statistics report
  • Parcel, zoning and flood maps
  • Lien and mortgage releases
  • Legal and vesting report (contains property’s legal and vesting with Easement Appurtenant detail, if recorded) Utility Easement searches are separate searches,  pricing varies per county. Please contact customer support for a quote through the contact page of the site.

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