Code Descriptions And Acronyms – Important Terminology

When searching county records understanding the code descriptions and acronyms can help your search process and understanding of the records.

Don’t forget to bookmark this reference on your device. It can take time to remember all of these. Think of it as a resource to fall back on when you need a code or acronym description.  Knowing the code definitions and acronyms will help the search process and understanding of the records.


AD Administrator’s Deed – Notice
AJ Affidavit of Joint Tenant – Deed
AG Agreement – Agreement Comm. Miscellaneous
ARI Articles of Incorporation – Notice, certificate
AST Assessment Lien – Lien, JTL
ASG Assessment – Assessment
ABS Assessment / Bill of Sale – Assessment, Mineral/Oil & Gas
AFS Assignment of Financing Statements – Assignment
AL Assignment of Lease Assignment – Lease
AM Assignment of Mortgage – Assignment
AO Assignment of Oil & Gas Lease – Assignment, Mineral / Oil & Gas
AR Assignment of Rents – Assignment
ATL Attorney’s Lien – Lien, JTL
BB Bail Bond Lien – Lien, JTL
BI Bond Indenture – Agreement
CE Cemetery Deed – Deed
CT Certificate – Certificate
CI Certificate of Incorporation – Certificate
CF Continuation Fixture File – Mortgage, UCC
CU Continuation of UCC – UCC, JTL
CD Contact for Deed – Deed, Contract
CV Conveyance – Deed, Mineral / Oil & Gas, Comm. Miscellaneous
DC Death Certificate – Certificate, Notice
DL Declaration – Notice, Plat
DLC Declaration of Condominium – Deed, Order
DV Decree of Divorce – Deed, Order
FD Decree of Final Distribution – Deed, Order
D Deed – Deed
DG Discharge – Discharge
DIS Disclaimer – Release, Notice
EA Easement – Easement, Comm. Miscellaneous
ED Executor’s Deed – Deed
FTL Federal Tax Lien – Tax Lien, JTL
FN Fictitious Name Affidavit – Fictitious Name
FS Financing Statement – Mortgage, UCC, JTL
FF Fixture Filing – Mortgage, UCC
GD Guardian’s Deed – Deed
HL Hospital Lien Lien, Physicians – Lien
JE Journal Entry – Order, JTL
JU Judgment – Judgment, JTL
LT Letters of Testamentary – Order
LP Lis Pendens Notice – Notice
LA Lot Line Adjustment w/Survey – Plat, Notice
ML Mechanic’s Lien – Lien, Mechanic’s Lien, JTL
MT Memorandum of Trust – Trust
MD Mineral Deed – Deed, Mineral / Oil & Gas
M Mortgage – Mortgage
MA Mortgage Agreement/Ext – Mortgage, Agreement
MM Mortgage Modification – Mortgage, Agreement
NO Notice Notice, Comm. – Miscellaneous
NPT Nunc Pro Tunc Order – Order, Deed,Notice
OGL Oil & Gas Lease – Lease, Mineral / Oil & Gas
OGM Oil, Gas & Minerals – Mineral / Oil & Gas
OS Order Confirming Sale – Order
ORR Overriding Royalty Interest – Mineral / Oil & Gas


PR Partial Release – Release
PRF Partial Release Fixture File – Release, UCC, UCC Termination
PRML Partial Release Mechanics Lien – Release
PFT Partial Release Federal Tax Lien – Release, JTL, Release Tax Lien
PRJ Partial Release Judgment – Release, Judgment, JTL
PRM Partial Release of Mortgage – Release
PSR Partial Release of Statement of Judgment – Release, Judgment, JTL
PSL Partial Release of State Tax Lien – Release, JTL, Release Tax Lien
PD Personal Representative’s Deed – Deed
PHL Physician’s Lien – Lien, Physicians Lien
PL Plat – Plat
PO Power of Attorney – Power of Attorney
PF Proof of Death & Heirship – Notice, Mineral / Oil & Gas
QC Quick Claim Deed – Deed
RE Release – Release, JTL
RAG Release of Agreement Release, – Agreement
RAL Release of Assessment Lien – Release, Lien, JTL
RAT Release of Assessment Lien – Release, Lien, JTL
RET Release of Estate Tax – Release, JTL
RFT Release of Federal Tax Lien – Release Tax Lien, Release, JTL
RF Release of Fixture Filling – Release, UCC, JTL
RHL Release of Hospital Lien – Release, Lien, Physicians Lien
RJJ Release of Judgment – Release, Judgment, JTL
RL Release of Lien – Release, Lien, JTL
RLP Release of Lis Pendens – Release, Notice
RML Release of Mechanic’s Lien – Release, Lien, JTL
RM Release of Mortgage – Release
RN Release of Notice – Release, Notice
RO Release of Oil & Gas Lease – Lease, Mineral / Oil & Gas, Release
RPL Release of Personal Property Lien – Release, Lien, JTL
RPH Release of Physicians Lien – Release, Lien, Physicians Lien
RSL Release of State Tax Lien – Release, Tax Lien, JTL, Release
RSJ Release Statement of Judgment – Release, JTL
RNJ Renewal of Judgment – Judgment. JTL
RD Resale Deed – Deed
RT Restrictions (Declaration of) – Notice, Plat
RV Revocation – Notice, JTL,Release Tax Lien, Release
RFN Revocation Fictious Name – Fictitious Name
POR Revocation Power of Attorney – Power of Attorney
RWY Right of Way Agreement – Easement, Agreement, Comm. Miscellaneous
SD Sheriff’s Deed – Deed
STL State Tax Lien – Tax Lien, JTL
STR State Tax Lien Refile – Tax Lien, JTL
SJ Statement of Judgment – Judgment, JTL
SA Subordination Agreement – Agreement
SU Survey – Plat
TX Tax Deed – Deed
TM Termination Statement – Release, JTL
TD Trustee’s Deed – Deed
VA Vacation – Plat
WD Warranty Deed – Deed