Code Descriptions Acronyms


AD Administrator’s Deed – Notice
AJ Affidavit of Joint Tenant – Deed
AG Agreement – Agreement Comm. Miscellaneous
ARI Articles of Incorporation – Notice, certificate
AST Assessment Lien – Lien, JTL
ASG Assessment – Assessment
ABS Assessment / Bill of Sale – Assessment, Mineral/Oil & Gas
AFS Assignment of Financing Statements – Assignment
AL Assignment of Lease Assignment – Lease
AM Assignment of Mortgage – Assignment
AO Assignment of Oil & Gas Lease – Assignment, Mineral / Oil & Gas
AR Assignment of Rents – Assignment
ATL Attorney’s Lien – Lien, JTL
BB Bail Bond Lien – Lien, JTL
BI Bond Indenture – Agreement
CE Cemetery Deed – Deed
CT Certificate – Certificate
CI Certificate of Incorporation – Certificate
CF Continuation Fixture File – Mortgage, UCC
CU Continuation of UCC – UCC, JTL
CD Contact for Deed – Deed, Contract
CV Conveyance – Deed, Mineral / Oil & Gas, Comm. Miscellaneous
DC Death Certificate – Certificate, Notice
DL Declaration – Notice, Plat
DLC Declaration of Condominium – Deed, Order
DV Decree of Divorce – Deed, Order
FD Decree of Final Distribution – Deed, Order
D Deed – Deed
DG Discharge – Discharge
DIS Disclaimer – Release, Notice
EA Easement – Easement, Comm. Miscellaneous
ED Executor’s Deed – Deed
FTL Federal Tax Lien – Tax Lien, JTL
FN Fictitious Name Affidavit – Fictitious Name
FS Financing Statement – Mortgage, UCC, JTL
FF Fixture Filing – Mortgage, UCC
GD Guardian’s Deed – Deed
HL Hospital Lien Lien, Physicians – Lien
JE Journal Entry – Order, JTL
JU Judgment – Judgment, JTL
LT Letters of Testamentary – Order
LP Lis Pendens Notice – Notice
LA Lot Line Adjustment w/Survey – Plat, Notice
ML Mechanic’s Lien – Lien, Mechanic’s Lien, JTL
MT Memorandum of Trust – Trust
MD Mineral Deed – Deed, Mineral / Oil & Gas
M Mortgage – Mortgage
MA Mortgage Agreement/Ext – Mortgage, Agreement
MM Mortgage Modification – Mortgage, Agreement
NO Notice Notice, Comm. – Miscellaneous
NPT Nunc Pro Tunc Order – Order, Deed,Notice
OGL Oil & Gas Lease – Lease, Mineral / Oil & Gas
OGM Oil, Gas & Minerals – Mineral / Oil & Gas
OS Order Confirming Sale – Order
ORR Overriding Royalty Interest – Mineral / Oil & Gas



PR Partial Release – Release
PRF Partial Release Fixture File – Release, UCC, UCC Termination
PRML Partial Release Mechanics Lien – Release
PFT Partial Release Federal Tax Lien – Release, JTL, Release Tax Lien
PRJ Partial Release Judgment – Release, Judgment, JTL
PRM Partial Release of Mortgage – Release
PSR Partial Release of Statement of Judgment – Release, Judgment, JTL
PSL Partial Release of State Tax Lien – Release, JTL, Release Tax Lien
PD Personal Representative’s Deed – Deed
PHL Physician’s Lien – Lien, Physicians Lien
PL Plat – Plat
PO Power of Attorney – Power of Attorney
PF Proof of Death & Heirship – Notice, Mineral / Oil & Gas
QC Quick Claim Deed – Deed
RE Release – Release, JTL
RAG Release of Agreement Release, – Agreement
RAL Release of Assessment Lien – Release, Lien, JTL
RAT Release of Assessment Lien – Release, Lien, JTL
RET Release of Estate Tax – Release, JTL
RFT Release of Federal Tax Lien – Release Tax Lien, Release, JTL
RF Release of Fixture Filling – Release, UCC, JTL
RHL Release of Hospital Lien – Release, Lien, Physicians Lien
RJJ Release of Judgment – Release, Judgment, JTL
RL Release of Lien – Release, Lien, JTL
RLP Release of Lis Pendens – Release, Notice
RML Release of Mechanic’s Lien – Release, Lien, JTL
RM Release of Mortgage – Release
RN Release of Notice – Release, Notice
RO Release of Oil & Gas Lease – Lease, Mineral / Oil & Gas, Release
RPL Release of Personal Property Lien – Release, Lien, JTL
RPH Release of Physicians Lien – Release, Lien, Physicians Lien
RSL Release of State Tax Lien – Release, Tax Lien, JTL, Release
RSJ Release Statement of Judgment – Release, JTL
RNJ Renewal of Judgment – Judgment. JTL
RD Resale Deed – Deed
RT Restrictions (Declaration of) – Notice, Plat
RV Revocation – Notice, JTL,Release Tax Lien, Release
RFN Revocation Fictious Name – Fictitious Name
POR Revocation Power of Attorney – Power of Attorney
RWY Right of Way Agreement – Easement, Agreement, Comm. Miscellaneous
SD Sheriff’s Deed – Deed
STL State Tax Lien – Tax Lien, JTL
STR State Tax Lien Refile – Tax Lien, JTL
SJ Statement of Judgment – Judgment, JTL
SA Subordination Agreement – Agreement
SU Survey – Plat
TX Tax Deed – Deed
TM Termination Statement – Release, JTL
TD Trustee’s Deed – Deed
VA Vacation – Plat
WD Warranty Deed – Deed