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Mortgage Title Fraud

What is Mortgage Title Fraud? Mortgage Title Fraud is when the title or legal ownership is taken fraudulently from an individual. In almost all cases, this is done without your knowledge or consent. The thief will forge a blank deed with your legal property information to claim ownership of the homeowner’s mortgage title or pose as the owner; the thief might then take out a loan or mortgage against your home. The action of stealing property rights has several names: Home title fraud, deed theft, and property title theft. All these names referred to the action of stealing property rights.

What is a property lien?

What is a property lien? In this article learn what a property lien is, and why they are important to understand.   What is a property lien? A property lien is a debt obligation in which the debtor has executed the right to monetary recovery by means of an instrument or judgment to use the property as collateral to secure the interest related to the real estate, property, and/or land. The lien can be considered a type of encumbrance which could produce a cloud on the title if not satisfied before conveyance. The interest is usually monetary (such as a loan

Types Of Property Lien Searches

This is a helpful post to help to understand different types of property lien searches. Includes property liens, UCC, and judgments.   Types of property lien searches post is a client question answered and shared here by the U.S. Title Records editorial staff.   QUESTION: Subject: Liens Your Message: I would like to know if there are any liens on the property. Which report should I select? Thanks, Prakash ANSWER: Hello, that would be the full property/owner lien report or the property lien report located on the property records page of the site. Thank you, Mark S. Customer support team

Title search services available through online title search companies

Client question:   Your Name: Bernard J F. Subject: Needing Service Urgent – I am the condo purchaser Your Message: Dear US Title, I am buying shortly a $126,000 condo in Summerville, South Carolina (exurbia of Charleston SC a major metro) My bank has invited me (in writing) to obtain competitive quotes for title services I must pay for. They are a very competitive mortgage bank on the east coast. I suspect their estimates are already very ‘competitive’ but could be beaten significantly. Can you please give me firm and competitive quotes on fees for your services (whatever items apply

Comment on Real Estate Investor Quick-Guide – Locating Deed

Comment on Real Estate Investor Quick-Guide Locating Deed, Comment on Real Estate Investor Quick-Guide. U.S.T.R. clients and visitors leverage our Real Estate Investor Guide and Questions and Answers Forum to get a leg up in the real estate market. In reply to a comment left by Lacy Steele. Comment from U.S.T.R. Real Estate Investor Quick-Guide where the client was looking for help with locating a deed to her property. Please assist me in locating the Deed to my property located at 16717 NE 22nd St. Bellevue, WA 09008. ANSWER See the Doc image report located on the property records page

Comment on Real Estate Investor Quick-Guide – Title Search and Property History

Title Research & Property History – Comment on Real Estate Investor Quick-Guide I am seeking guidance on how to obtain the history of a property or chain of ownership on the property described in a deed found among my deceased parents’ papers. The deed shows my great-grandmother transferring land to my paternal grandmother in 1949. I hired a title search company to help me research this but I can’t seem to get a progress report from them after 3 months. Can you let me know the best way to research this property? Which report might I purchase to get information