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No logins or subscriptions are required.  All orders are anonymous and confidential.  The only service to provide complimentary foreclosure status reports for any property report order containing current foreclosure activity. We respond to all inquiries promptly, 7 days/week at no charge.  Click Here to Contact US

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  • Sale and Transfer History
  • Current Owner’s 1st and 2nd Mortgages
  • Open Mortgages
  • Equity Lines of Credit
  • Property Detail and Characteristics
  • Tax Assessor Records


  • Involuntary and Voluntary Liens
  • Judgments, HOA, Mechanic, Bankruptcies
  • Open Mortgage(s) Transfer and Sale History
  • Mortgage/Lien Releases
  • Delinquent Taxes
  • State and Federal Tax Liens


  • Full Property Lien Report – Plus the following:
  • Individual Profile Report
  • Involuntary/Voluntary Lien Search
  • Includes Property and Owner
  • State and Federal Tax Liens
  • Sale and Transfer History Report


  • Property Lien and Encumbrance Report
  • Individual (Owner) Profile Lien and UCC Report
  • Neighborhood and Property Valuation Report
  • Mortgage and Sale History Report
  • Property Characteristics Report
  • Tax Assessor Records


  • Chain of Title Abstract
  • 30 year Transfer and Sale History
  • Deed Copies
  • Mortgage and Lien Records
  • Sale Records
  • Property Lien Search


  • Printable Copy of Property Deed
  • Recording Numbers
  • Book and Page Numbers
  • Property Detail Report
  • Area Street Map
  • Title and Vesting Detail


  • Full Property Lien Report – Plus the following:
  • Individual Profile Report
  • Involuntary/Voluntary Lien Search
  • Includes Property and Owner
  • State and Federal Tax Liens
  • Sale and Transfer History Report


  • Document Retrieval Services for:
  • Mortgage Releases/Reconveyance
  • Deed Images
  • Lien Records
  • Mortgage Payoffs
  • Federal and State Court Records


  • Search Current Property Ownership for Individual/Company – State or Nationwide
  • Results Include a List of Property Owned (if any)
  • One Property Detail Report with Results
  • Property Owner(s) Current Mortgage and Mailing Addresses
  • Property Characterization Information
  • Mortgage and Purchase Detail
  • Tax and Assessor detail


  • Judgment Liens
  • UCC Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Names/Aliases
  • Contact Information
  • Relatives/Associates
  • Criminal Background Records


  • Property Detail Report
  • Property Valuation Using Comparable Sales Within Half a Mile and Half a Year
  • Area Demographics
  • Crime Stats
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Uncover Opportunity


  • Individual Profile Reports
  • Business Entity Profile Reports
  • Nationwide Asset Searches
  • Bankruptcy / Judgments / UCC Liens
  • Contact information / Current locations
  • Criminal Records
  • Industry / Sales information

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GUARANTEE – REFUND POLICY: U.S. Title Records guarantees that information is accurate and will issue a complete refund if the evidence is provided otherwise. 

State and U.S. territories covered (Coverage includes all counties within each state).

AL. Alabama – AK. Alaska – AZ. Arizona – AR. Arkansas – CA. California – CO. Colorado – CT. Connecticut DE. Delaware – FL. Florida – GA. Georgia – GU. Guam – HI. Hawaii – ID. Idaho – IL. Illinois – IN. Indiana – IA. Iowa – KS. Kansas – KY. Kentucky – LA. Louisiana – ME. Maine – MD. Maryland – MA. Massachusetts   MI. Michigan – MN. Minnesota – MS. Mississippi – MO. Missouri – MT. Montana – NE. Nebraska – NV. Nevada – NH. New Hampshire – NJ. New Jersey – NM. New Mexico – NY. New York – NC. North Carolina – ND. North Dakota – OH. Ohio – OK. Oklahoma – OR. Oregon – PA. Pennsylvania – RI. Rhode Island – SC. South Carolina – SD. South Dakota – TN. Tennessee – TX. Texas – UT. Utah – VT. Vermont – VA. Virginia – VI. Virgin Islands – WA. Washington – WV. West Virginia – WI. Wisconsin – WY. Wyoming

Records, data, and information found within this page:

  • Preliminary title reports
  • Property records and deeds generated immediately upon order
  • Abstractor Services for retrieval of all recorded documents
  • View tax liens, bankruptcies, and judgments
  • Delinquent tax records and amounts
  • View current foreclosure stage (notice of default, auction, REO)
  • Individual and Business lien, UCC, and profile searches.
  • Free foreclosure status reports
  • Bankruptcy, mechanic, HOA, and judgment liens
  • Lien and mortgage release records
  • Property asset and title search by name in all 50 states
  • Doc image (document images of vesting deeds and deeds of trust)
  • MLS photos now available with reports
  • Title insurance services

Records, data, and information found within this page:

  • Involuntary and voluntary lien records search
  • Lot, parcel, and property characteristics
  • Chain of title and transfers with full sale history
  • All County Recorder and Assessor tax records
  • Full legal and vesting reports
  • Full demographic stats, crime, school, and business reports
  • View federal and state tax liens on the property
  • View current mortgages and latest sale information
  • Current owner(s) of title and tax mailing address
  • Auction dates and location with Trustee and bank contacts
  • Zoning, parcel, flood, and easement maps
  • Neighborhood crime, business, school, and demographic reports
  • Property valuation reports for comparable MLS and FSBO sales
  • U.S. Supreme, State, District, Bankruptcy, and Court of Appeal records for criminal, bankruptcy, and civil cases

Not sure what reports you need?