US Title Records complaint and response | Subject “Refund policy”


Please refund my money as I have not received anything from you but some of which was already easily available publicly for no charge. 195.00 for what? Really really unhappy about this.

I will await your refund remarks and notify my credit card company.



I have been assigned to handle this matter.  Please review our refund policy here:


If you forward the report you were emailed together with evidence that the report is inaccurate, I will be authorized to issue a full refund immediately.
U.S. Title Records has been serving mostly attorneys, lenders, brokers, real estate investors and the general public for over a decade.  While we provide services for properties located throughout the United States and its territories, our clients are located anywhere in the world as long as they have Internet access.
We specialize in researching, compiling and delivering our services quickly and efficiently at a cost lower than what most title companies are able to provide and much faster.   Our clients use our services so they do not have to search the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of sources themselves and then compile it into a report.
Please forward the information requested above so that I can obtain authorization to refund your money immediately.  Please note that if I do not receive that and you only file a dispute with the credit card company, the corporate office will respond to your credit card dispute, provide evidence that you were delivered what you ordered and then report it as consumer fraud.
I look forward to hearing from you and resolving this matter.  We want all of our clients to be not just satisfied but happy.  We appreciate your business.
Thank you,
Jeannie B.
Client Services