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If I’m refinancing a commercial property which was refinanced a Year or so prior do we have to pay the same fees. Can the owner of the property obtain a title themselves or must it be done thru the lender?

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Hello, when you say “obtain a title”, do you mean a vesting deed? Or are you referring to a title search for liens and encumbrances?

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Client response:

Hi yes sorry a title search for liens and
Encumbrance. We refinanced our
Commercial property just little over a
Year ago and we have to refinance again.
The cost for that was pretty substantial
And the broker is saying we have to do
Search again but is there a way to reduce
These costs by either doing it myself or
Not ordering every search ?

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Customer support response:

Depending on the county, some recorder offices provide access to lien and title records to the public. However, if there is a lender involved, they typically want to do their due diligence through a title company or attorney that they use for these preliminary title searches. In most cases a guarantee and/or title opinion is provided to ensure that there are no clouds on title or encumbrances prior to funding.


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