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Subject: Property Tax Auction

Hello. On May the 4th, San Diego County will conduct an online Property Tax Auction and I’m registered and would like to participate. I’m aware that this auction is a “Buyer Beware” transaction, but am unsure how to search and find all the problems and additional expenses that might be attached to the property. At the moment there are about 30 home and land parcels that I’m interested in and I’m looking for the most cost effective method in obtaining a thorough report on all 30 properties. Looking forward to your reply . . . Yvonne



Hello, the most cost-effective lien search we provide is the Property lien report located on the property records page of the site. Hello, the majority of our clients purchasing property including foreclosures and auction property use the Full property lien report or Expanded title search report located on the property records page of the site for due diligence. This search and Report provides Involuntary and voluntary liens and any other encumbrances that might be recorded against the subject property.

Reports are processed and sent within 30 to 60 minutes upon order.

May I ask how you were referred to us?

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Customer reply:

Thank You and Yes . . . Searching the Net.

Before 5pm on May 3rd, property owners can still pay off their property taxes in San Diego County. Hence, some of the properties I’m interested in will no longer be available. If I were to use your service, I would probably proceed on the day of the auction in order to avoid unnecessary expense should the property be withdrawn. How long does it take to process and receive your Property Lien Report? Does it also include any title information?

Further, is $95 the going rate for this sort of report and do you believe that this report offers most of what I need to know about the property before bidding? Is there a way to contact you or a support service directly if I have any questions about the report?

Thanks Again, Yvonne



Our reports are again reports are processed and sent within 30 to 60 minutes upon order.

All of our communications with clients are logged and kept in the form of email threads so that we can recover conversations and dialogue for quality control and legal purposes. We respond to all inquiries online and promptly. We are open seven days a week throughout the year, including all holidays.


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