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Attorneys nationwide rely on U.S. Title Records to search public and private records to locate the most recent address and contact information available for individuals. Locating a person for legal purposes can be done with ease with us, Our personal Locator Service provides the following information:

-Legal names and aliases
-Identity verification
-Last reported address
-Last reported phone number
-Person associates & relatives
-Last reported employment
-Last reported business/associates
-Driver’s license (depending on state)
-Utility information (depending on state)
-Weapons permit

How do I access a Personal Locator Service?

U.S. Title Records provides various property reports including our new and exclusive Property Locator Service. We make it easy for consumers to access our Personal Locator Service. First, Click on our website HERE, and next fill out the applicable Search Data for the Personal Locator Service. After you proceed to checkout and submit your purchase, all orders will be processed within 24 hours of purchase.

Online Personal Locator Service | U.S. Title Records
Online Personal Locator Service

What is an online Personal Locator Service?

Our personal locator service is utilized to find information related to property ownership, real estate transactions, or other details associated with an individual’s name. Here are some benefits of using a personal locator service with U.S. Title Records:

Property Ownership Information: Users can find details about property ownership, including names of property owners, transaction history, and other related information.

Real Estate Transactions: Access to information on real estate transactions can be valuable for various purposes, such as researching property values, understanding market trends, or conducting due diligence.

Legal and Financial Research: Individuals and businesses may use personal locator services to gather information for legal or financial research, such as identifying property assets during legal proceedings or assessing financial histories.

Background Checks: Personal locator services can contribute to background checks by providing information about a person’s residence history and property ownership, helping users make informed decisions.

Asset Verification: It can verify an individual’s assets by examining their property ownership and real estate holdings.

Investigative Purposes: Private investigators or legal professionals may use personal locator services as a tool in their investigations, especially when trying to locate individuals or gather relevant information for cases.

Why should you use a Personal Locator Service?

Attorneys nationwide may consider utilizing Online Personal Locator Services for various reasons, and the benefits extend to individuals in the mortgage industry as well. Here are some reasons why attorneys and professionals in the mortgage industry might find value in using these services:

For Attorneys Nationwide:
Legal Research and Investigations:

Locating Individuals: Attorneys often need to locate individuals for legal proceedings, and a personal locator service can assist in finding accurate and up-to-date information about a person’s whereabouts.
Asset Discovery:

Property Ownership Information: Attorneys involved in cases related to asset division, probate, or financial disputes may use personal locator services to identify real estate holdings and property ownership details.
Due Diligence:

Background Checks: Before taking on a client or as part of due diligence, attorneys can use these services to conduct background checks on individuals involved in legal matters.
Debt Collection:

Locating Debtors: Attorneys dealing with debt collection cases may find personal locator services helpful in locating debtors and assessing their financial assets.

For the Mortgage Industry:
Loan Origination and Verification:

Borrower Verification: Mortgage professionals can use personal locator services to verify the identity and background of potential borrowers during the loan origination process.
Property Research:

Title Search and Ownership Verification: Before approving a mortgage, lenders can use these services to conduct title searches and verify property ownership information, ensuring a clear and accurate understanding of the property’s history.
Risk Assessment:

Financial History Checks: Personal locator services contribute to assessing the financial history of applicants, helping mortgage professionals evaluate the risk associated with lending to specific individuals.
Fraud Prevention:

Identity Verification: Mortgage industry professionals can use personal locator services to verify the identity and address of applicants, contributing to fraud prevention measures.
Collections and Foreclosure:

Asset Location: In cases of mortgage default, personal locator services can aid in locating borrowers and their assets, facilitating the collections or foreclosure process.
It’s crucial for both attorneys and mortgage industry professionals to use such services responsibly, ensuring compliance with privacy laws and ethical standards. Additionally, the accuracy and reliability of the information obtained should be carefully considered in decision-making processes.

Why should Attorneys and others in the Mortgage industry shop with U.S. Title Records?

U.S. Title Records is a website that attorneys and professionals in the mortgage industry can benefit from due to its comprehensive services related to property records and real estate information. Here are several reasons why these professionals might find U.S. Title Records beneficial:

Extensive Property Data:

U.S. Title Records provides access to a vast database of property-related information, including ownership details, transaction history, and other relevant data. Attorneys and mortgage professionals can use this information for due diligence, legal research, and property assessments.
Title Searches:

The website offers title search services, allowing attorneys and mortgage industry professionals to verify the ownership history of a property. This is crucial in ensuring that there are no title issues or encumbrances that could impact a real estate transaction.
Property Ownership Records:

Attorneys dealing with cases related to property disputes or mortgage industry professionals involved in loan origination can benefit from U.S. Title Records’ accurate and up-to-date property ownership records.
Real Estate Transaction History:

Professionals in the mortgage industry can use the platform to access detailed transaction histories for properties. This information is valuable for assessing market trends, and property values, and making informed lending decisions.
Legal Support:

U.S. Title Records can serve as a valuable resource for attorneys involved in real estate law. The platform provides legal support through its comprehensive property data, helping attorneys build strong cases and conduct thorough research.
Efficient Due Diligence:

Mortgage professionals can streamline their due diligence processes by accessing a centralized platform that consolidates property-related information. This efficiency can be particularly beneficial in time-sensitive transactions.
Asset Location:

Attorneys involved in debt collection or foreclosure cases can use U.S. Title Records to locate assets owned by individuals. This information is crucial in the legal process of recovering debts or managing foreclosures.
User-Friendly Interface:

The website is designed to be user-friendly, making it easier for attorneys and mortgage professionals to navigate and retrieve the information they need efficiently.
Nationwide Coverage:

U.S. Title Records covers property data nationwide, providing attorneys and mortgage industry professionals with a comprehensive solution regardless of the location of the properties involved.



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