MERS question and mortgage recordings

Question:  I ordered, and received, a Full Property Lien Report today on 11XXX7 Whitehall DR. Elkton, MD. I have also checked the MERS (, which lists two mortgages on this property as active (not paid off or refinanced), but these did not show up on your report. Are these valid concerns, and also how do you compile your lien information since these did not show up on the report?
Answer:  The lien reports are compiled using recorded data.  If a mortgage exists but is not reflected on the report, it may be because the lien was not properly recorded with the county and/or there is an error in the county database.  The other possibility is that the MERS is inaccurate.  If you want to email a copy of the MERS report, we can research the issue.  If there is an error in the county records, we will contact them directly.  If the MERS report is inaccurate, we will contact them to revise their records.
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