Are document copies included in Full property/owner lien report?

Client comment:

This is the most complicated and useless title report that I have ever received.  There were no deed images, mortgage documents, etc. included in the transaction history sent to me.  Most of the over-priced drivel included where somebody lived for the last 10-30 years, where possible relatives lived, who may be related to who, etc.

I am not sure I could recommend this site to others or to use this web site and will post accordingly if I don’t receive a refund.

I’d like my $175 dollar refund.

You don’t really offer detailed title records with copies of the documents listed….although I hoped you might.


Somewhat disappointed….




Dear Mark,
This matter has been referred to me for response.  I am authorized by company policy to issue a full/immediate refund if you did not receive the information you requested.
It appears that you ordered the service detailed below for $175.  The service provides the detail, but document images are available separately via the document image and abstractor features.  As you might imagine, the documents associated with your reports are voluminous and cannot be included in the service for $175.  Our niche in the industry is to run the searches, compile the reports and deliver the reports to the client via email quickly (generally within hours) and at a fraction of the cost a conventional title company would charge.  Also, we provide information that a conventional title company would not provide, i.e., owner profile information.
Our service is primarily used by real estate investors, brokers/agents, lenders and law firms, but we also service the general public.  We have been in business for over a decade with a large and growing group of repeat clients.  Still, we definitely appreciate your feedback.  If the reports compiled for you are inaccurate, please forward that information to me and I will be authorized to issue a refund.  Below are the details of the service you ordered.

Report includes the following detail:

  • Judgment liens
  • Personal liens (filed against the subject property and individual)
  • Lis pendens
  • Mechanic liens
  • HOA liens
  • State and federal tax liens
  • Delinquent tax amounts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Court records
  • UCC and assignments
  • Mortgages history
  • Full Property Detail Report
  • Transaction history with transfers
  • Foreclosure activity report (if applicable)
  • Mortgage document recording and reference numbers
  • Lien, mortgage release and deed of reconveyance detail

Individual profile report:

  • Legal name, nicknames & aliases
  • Last reported address(es) & previous addresses
  • Last reported phone number
  • Last reported employment and/or business ownership, if any
  • Associates/relatives/neighbors
  • Personal asset report
  • Bankruptcy search (and filing information, if bankruptcy was filed)
  • Judgments
  • Personal liens (liens recorded against the individual that may also affect property owned by that individual but not separately recorded against the property
  • Criminal records
Again, thank you for your business and for your feedback.  I have also forwarded your email to the corporate office.
Thank you,
Jeannie B.
Client Services
Customer response: 

Jeannie, thank you for taking the time for explaining to me your search capabilities.

I guess I thought you’d have coverage similar to ProTitle USA.  Back around April, 2017, the title report I received for  a different property was approximately 169 pages (of course, I printed it out at my expense). The report primarily related to anyone who had been on title and included copies of all mortgage documents, deeds, etc.

Please accept my apology for my remarks about your report.

Kindest regards,




Hi Mark,
Please do not apologize.  It’s frustrating when there is confusion.  I’m not sure what ProTitle charged for that service or how long it took, but we have something similar (it just costs a little more, see “Full chain of title report“).
Thank you again for your business and your feedback which as I mentioned I forwarded to the corporate office.
Thank you,
Jeannie B.
Client Services