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How to perform a Deed Search online:


The reasons why obtaining a copy of a property deed are foremost in a title search

Whether you are buying a new property as a home or an investment, it is important that you ensure you have all the available information concerning the deed to a property. This includes the following types of deeds: Grant deed, Quitclaim deed, General warranty deed, Special warranty deeds, Bargain and sale deeds, Deed of trust, Reconveyance deed, Ttrustee’s deed, Administrator deeds, Executor deeds, Master deeds, and Sheriff’s deeds.

Researching property deeds

Researching the history, chain of title and ownership for a home or property is a vital part of protecting your investment. In some states, having a real estate attorney search for deeds to the property and verify its chain of ownership is a legal requirement. The appropriate length of time to go back when researching property deeds is a matter of some dispute. Certainly, it should be at least 25 years with many experts considering only 50 years worth of research safe.

Accessing deed copy images online

So how could poorly handled paperwork or lost documentation land you in a bad situation? Well, the ownership of any given property can hide a few Dickensian dramas. Bankruptcies, inheritances, liens, divorces and sales can all make up the story of how the property was handed from owner to owner. It’s crucial that each time that happens there be a clear record of who held the title to the property which the vesting deeds should make clear. Searching for deeds through county archives is tedious business but a quality property deed search service like U.S. Title Records can make it relatively inexpensive, efficient and painless. This service provides access to all the relevant documents in a title search and delivers copies of recorded deed and land record images directly to a client in online in PDF format.

The importance of locating the most current vesting deed in a title search

Mistakes pertaining to the titles and deeds of a property can result in time-consuming and expensive legal cases where the right of the previous owner to sell and thus the validity of your ownership is contested. A thorough deed search service provides peace of mind to a buyer that it is proper and correct.
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