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Your Name: Bernard J F.

Subject: Needing Service Urgent – I am the condo purchaser

Your Message:

Dear US Title,

I am buying shortly a $126,000 condo in Summerville, South Carolina (exurbia of Charleston SC a major metro)

My bank has invited me (in writing) to obtain competitive quotes for title services I must pay for. They are a very competitive mortgage bank on the east coast. I suspect their estimates are already very ‘competitive’ but could be beaten significantly.

Can you please give me firm and competitive quotes on fees for your services (whatever items apply to you( for:

One-time transaction services

– An abstract or title search

– A closing protection letter – a contract between a title insurance underwriter and a lender

– For lender’s title Insurance

– A settlement fee – the fee can encompass many types of expenses, but often include such things as application and attorney ’s fees, loan origination fees, and fees for title searches

– A title insurance binder

– A title overnight fee (please quote priority mail also assuming this is a shipping fee)

Ongoing insurance items you may be in a position to quote on:

– Homeowner’s insurance in the amount of $122,220 per the attached hazard insurance requirements

– (S&P BBB or higher) Mortgage Insurance, which will no longer be needed when $12,980 in further principal is paid reducing the mortgage to 80% of home value (rest if no prepayments is 10 years)


Thank you sincerity,

Bernard F




Hello Bernard,

Our services with descriptions are posted on the site. We recommend that you read the detailed descriptions about the services together with our terms of use and refund policy.

That said, please note that while our seasoned real estate investment clients often close their own transactions, we do not ever recommend that a client relies on our services to close transactions as we do not issue title policies.

Our service is designed to meet the needs of clients who do their own research and prefer to use the self-service features on our site. Our full property/owner report is similar to a preliminary title report which comes with disclaimers and no guarantees (title policies), but with additional information regarding location, property details, business entity information and other types of data.

Please let us know if you need more information or have additional questions.

Thank you,
Mark S.
Customer support team

Title search services available through online title search companies.

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