Title search question – Which report?

Title Search question, Which report do I need?



Title Search Question, Which report do I need? Hello, can you please advise me as to which package I would possibly want for an auction foreclosure property at 27xx river road, Preston ,ct? I did order the full property detail record and am concerned about any judgments, liens, mortgages not discharged, etc. thank you.





Hello, the majority of our clients purchasing property including auctions and foreclosures use the Full property/owner lien report or the Property lien report located on the property records page of the site for due diligence.

May I ask how you were referred to us?

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Jesse M.

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Client response:

Hello, I was searching on line and found your company name and was also reading an investing blog and you were mentioned several times so I went with you guys

I am wondering if the report from us title is the same that would be for an in person search?? Its been a while and last I knew people did searches in the court house or clerk offices  or is everything on line now this house is in Preston Ct New London county Ct so i am assuming they are on line??

Thanks so much.  Heather


Thanks for the reference.

Everything of record including document images (within the last 15 + years) are indexed online with the majority of counties throughout the United States.


Jesse M.

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