What is a Title Search? What is entailed in a Title Search

In the busines of real estate and land aquisitions, a buyer (or receiver of property), should always perform a “Title Search” and “lien and encumbrance search” in order to assess the property title and ultimately obtain title insurance. If performed properly, a compilation of all records pertianing to, and potentially affecting title will be obtained to determine if conveyance and transfer of title can be completed. This includes any potential defects or “clouds” such as various liens, judgments, foreclosure, NOD activity, easements as well as voluntary liens such as mortgages and lines of credit as well as assesments recorded against the property. The title research company or person compiles this information to assess the “marketability” of the property title and issue ustimately a “Title opinion” and imdenification. Any encumbrances or liens against the property are considered “exceptions” in the title insurance coverage. In addition, a title search on property is the process of obtaining records evidencing transfers and events in the property’s history listing conveyances in a chronological order to determine relevant interests and regulations concerning that land/property.