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Good Morning. We are selling a property via seller-financing to a family. We paid off the mortgage some time ago; however, we keep seeing those ads on TV about title fraud / theft. I have looked into the service but it seems to be a credit monitoring situation. I would like to know if our title is clear and do I need title insurance even though the buyer has 4 years to go on the agreement.I tried the local title companies – I guess I am not asking the right questions. Any advice would be helpful,Regards, Virginia H.



Hi Virginia,
You may choose to order a Full Property/Owner Lien Report to reflect property liens, if any, recorded against the property and personal liens, if any, recorded against the seller/homeowner (which also may affect the property).  Please keep in mind that, while that information is generally accurate, we cannot guarantee it.  Our disclaimers mirror the county and other records from which we derive and compile the information.  We do not sell title insurance so your buyer may want to contact a conventional title company to assist in closing the transaction and provide a title insurance policy.
Let us know if you have questions or need additional information.


Thank you,
Jeannie B.
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