Subject: Im buying a property and willing to do some paperwork myself question

Subject: buying a property willing to do some paperwork myself,

Hi I never bough a property before and would like to do it as cheaply as possible – lots of sharks out there.
I was researching online and found your page.
It is said in Trulia forums that I can do a basic free search on your site, did not find how.
Also I see I can do a title search here but you have so many options I am dazzled.
Which one do I need for a property purchase?
Do you have title insurance with the search?
I would appreciate if you could inform me as oppose to sell me something. I am a low income person I need to do things cheaply.





The free foreclosure activity report comes with reports that show there is foreclosure activity on the property.

I would suggest asking your real estate agent or the listing agent for the information you need. Our company specializes in serving clients who want/need to do their own research and want it done quickly and conveniently. Most of our clients who close their own transactions are seasoned real estate investors or investment groups who are intimately familiar with the procedures and risks of closing a transaction with title insurance. We do not sell title insurance. We recommend that once you do your research and make an offer, you open escrow with a title company in your area. They will provide the appropriate title insurance to close your transaction.

Please let us know if you have additional questions or need more information. Thank you so much for your inquiry.

Thank you,

Jeannie B.
Client Services

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