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Where to Get Information on Property Liens and Titles:

When you need to get information on a specific property, where do you turn? That depends entirely on where you live. Each county in each state around the United States should have a county recorder’s office that has access to all kinds of public records. It is at this office that you should be able to gain access to all property lien and mortgage records, as well as perform property title searches.


In-Person or Online

Although all of the information for property lien records is kept at your county recorder’s office, you do not necessarily need to physically go to the office in order to access that information. For records that have been digitized into a database, you may be able to view the records online. This is thanks to the services of title companies, which include online companies such as U.S. Title Records. While some of these companies might require you to create an account with them, other companies allow you to view property records immediately without any login, membership, or contract.


Technology Before and Now

Although digital records are available online through a database, records that pre-date those online databases are usually available in either Microfilm or Microfiche format in county records. Thus, if you cannot find certain records available online, you still may be able to find a copy of the physical record by visiting the county office.

Getting information on property lien records, mortgages, and titles can seem like a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin. All county recorder’s offices have records indexed digitally, on microfilm and microfiche. Thanks to today’s technology, you can access most of these records right from your own home with an internet connection. Look for reliable companies with access to such record databases, like U.S. Title Records. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, try visiting your county office in person. In most counties, records are generally readily available to the public.

Full chain of title and Preliminary title search reports are available for all states and counties.


States serviced with US Title Records:

AL. Alabama – AK. Alaska – AZ. Arizona – AR. Arkansas – CA. California – CO. Colorado – CT. Connecticut DE. Delaware – FL. Florida – GA. Georgia – GU. Guam – HI. Hawaii – ID. Idaho – IL. Illinois – IN. Indiana – IA. Iowa – KS. Kansas – KY. Kentucky – LA. Louisiana – ME. Maine – MD. Maryland – MA. Massachusetts MI. Michigan – MN. Minnesota – MS. Mississippi – MO. Missouri – MT. Montana – NE. Nebraska – NV. Nevada – NH. New Hampshire – NJ New Jersey – NM New Mexico – NY. New York – NC. North Carolina – ND. North Dakota – OH. Ohio – OK. Oklahoma – OR. Oregon – PA. Pennsylvania – RI. Rhode Island – SC. South Carolina – SD. South Dakota – TN. Tennessee – TX. Texas – UT. Utah – VT. Vermont – VA. Virginia – VI. Virgin Islands – WA. Washington – WV. West Virginia – WI. Wisconsin – WY. Wyoming




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