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From: Mark W.

Subject: Preliminary Title Report


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My city planning department is asking for a Preliminary Title Report before they will approve permits. Do you have a Report that will satisfy that need? Thanks!




Yes. However, the requirements vary by city, county and state. Please let us know where the property is located and any information provided to you buy the planning department so we can ensure that your title report has all the information you need.

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Jeannie B.

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Hi Jeannie,

Thank you for the fast response. The City has not given me much information regarding the specifics of the report. They just tell me it’s a requirement (to be honest, I am not sure they know why they need it ..). My guess is they want to check for title issues, tax, contractor, etc. liens and possible easements?

The Property is located at:

7xx22 Fresca Ct

Solana Beach, Ca 92×075

APN – 29×8-430x-27-0x0

Thank you for your help!


US Title Reply:


You might want to start with the Full Lien Report to minimize the cost, and include a copy of your property deed and the HOA documents, if a HOA exists. Then if they need something more, you can add to that. That’s just a suggestion. The Complete Records Package is the other option. The third option is to ask them what they require and let us know. Then we can make sure that those items are included in your report.

Jeannie B.

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Client reply:

Thank you!