Preliminary title report search


Just so I am clear about this, the preliminary title report you provide will contain sufficient information for our client to submit to the city of San Bernardino for his lot merger.  I just want to make sure that it will be accepted by the agency.  We normally use another title company, but they have raised their rates again so I found you guys.  Since you aren’t local, I just want to make sure you will provide what we need.

Thank you.



David.  This was assigned to me for further response.  We do not know whether a city or other entity will accept a particular report, so it is important that you ask the city directly before placing an order.  You may wish to ask what information they need from the preliminary title report and we can then ensure that information is contained in our report.  Generally, a preliminary title report reflects ownership, liens/encumbrances and other exceptions to title.  That information is obtained from documents recorded on a given property address. Please note that all preliminary title reports, whether obtained through U.S. Title Records or a conventional title company are for research purposes and do not come with title insurance.

Easements and information related to restrictions will automatically be included if they were recorded against that particular property address.  Certain easements (utility easements, for example) are sometimes found in the legal descriptions, but other times found in the plat map, depending on the county and the property.  In other cases, easements and/or restrictions are statutory or found in documents governing a given subdivision with a homeowner’s association, i.e., in the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. Governing documents are indexed differently by the county recorder so they are retrieved separately.
In order to ensure that all easements and restrictions are included in your report, please make that request with your order, as there is a separate easement/restriction search fee, and that fee depends on the county and on the property.  Many of our clients are not interested in easements that are not included in the legal description so they are not automatically included in our regular report, and that helps keep the cost down.