Personal records searches – Can a company locate “hidden bank accounts”?


Thanks for the Full property/owner lien report. I am going through a divorce and am looking for what my husband my be hiding.  I have found much on my own.  Do you suggest something additional?  I will pay the extra cost.




Hi Tammy,

Just FYI, in terms of asset searches, U.S. Asset Records (USAR) specializes in asset searches.  U.S. Title Records (USTR) specializes in property record services.  The USTR profile reports are generally used for purposes of finding personal judgment liens that may affect a property.

The USAR profile services are used by clients searching for not all potential assets, i.e., vehicles, boats, aircraft’s, etc.  Moreover, the USAR reports will distinguish between currently owned property versus formerly owned property and includes searches in every state.  That is why those reports are more expensive.

Please be aware that there are one or more online companies who claim that they can find “hidden bank accounts” for you.  One specific company is always answered by one man and he asks for credit cards over the phone.

We contacted them to find out if we should refer clients to him for bank searches, but he could not give us a straight answer.  It is not legal to search for or obtain bank account information without a court subpoena, so please do not be fooled by companies who advertise they can find hidden accounts.

U.S. Asset Record provides asset information that is legal to disclose (vehicles, real property, boats, aircraft, etc.).  We cannot search for or find bank records without a court subpoena.  I just wanted to warn you because we frequently get these questions.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.  Thank you again for your business.

Thank you,

Jeannie B.

Client Services

Client response:

Thank you very much.  I appreciate the information.  I probably have enough info from what I received in the initial email.  If my attorney advises that I get further documentation, I will order the expanded search.

Thank you,


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