How do I find out if a property has a lien on it?


How do I find out if a property has a lien on it?

Jason C.


There are various types of liens that can be recorded against a property and must be paid before clear title can be transferred to a new buyer. If you are searching for liens on a property that you own, a property lien report will show you what has been recorded against your own property. If you have judgments against you that have not specifically been recorded against the property, you likely already know about those. However, if you are researching someone else’s property, it’s important to find out what liens have been recorded against that property, but also what personal liens and judgments the owner may have pending. (Sometimes a judgment or personal tax lien will be outstanding but not specifically recorded against the owner’s property and not discovered until just before closing a transaction). In order to find ALL the liens and potential liens that may effect your purchase of a property, it’s best to search for property liens and run a profile report on the owner to discovery personal liens, if any, including judgments not specifically recorded against the property.


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