Subject Lien Holder – Citizens Bank

Subject: Lien Holder – Citizens Bank


Recently I got a check to fix the house from the state farm. But they added Citizen’s bank to the list of “Pay to the order of”. Unless I removed their name as my lien holder, I can’t use the check. I closed the mortgage loan at Citizens’ bank two years ago. They told me when I call them yesterday, they sent the document to the cook county, but the county did not process it. I would like to know what I should do. Would you let me know what action I should take to remove Citizen’s bank as my lien holder?




Have you already sent State Farm a copy of your documentation showing that Citizen’s Bank no longer has an interest in the property?

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Client response:

I contacted Citizens Bank, and they told me that they submitted the document to Cook County. So I reviewed my current status of the property from the website of the Cook county. Citizens bank sent the release form to the county on 04/04/2016 as I reviewed. So I talked to the State farm insurance company and the issue has been resolved.

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Yes, current vesting deed will show who the current owners are. There should also be a Trustee’s Deed showing that the bank foreclosed on the property and you lost the home. I don’t know what the claim against State Farm relates to so it’s hard for us to tell on our end if they also have rights to the insurance claim for whatever reason.

Have you since solved the issue or are you still working on it? What city/state is the property located in?


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