Report Accuracy Question – Reliability Of Lien Records

Client Question About Report Accuracy And Reliability Of Lien Records

This Q&A post covers issues that arise with title and lien searches through title companies and abstractors. Report accuracy, Reliability of lien searches

Client question: Reliability of lien records question

How much can we rely on your search to produce all records of potential liens? If you cannot find records online do you have someone go to county offices to search? How often has a recorded lien been missed? Have used local abstract companies before and relied on what they produced to make decisions about buying properties and they missed inheritance tax liens which were recorded and it cost us dearly. Just trying to understand how your service is different and how much we can rely on it. Look forward to hearing from someone soon as I am getting ready to request reports on 19 properties.






Thank you for your communication.

We provide information based on what a given county has on file and recorded for the subject real property. We have no control over a county’s data and therefore cannot guarantee the county’s records. Each county throughout the United States has its own, separate, liability disclaimer similar to our disclaimer and terms of use. In other words, no county will guarantee their data which is why most buyers purchase a title policy via a local title company prior to closing a transaction. Please let us know if you need a quote for title insurance. We work with reputable title companies in most cities throughout the United States.

Our clients use our service for research purposes. While local title companies can provide similar services in the form of preliminary title reports that do not come with a guarantee, our service is available online and information is produced and sent generally within 1-2 hours upon order. Although we cannot accept liability for any damages incurred as a result of any errors or omissions, we will issue a complete refund if the report contains an error.  It is rare, but it does happen sometimes.

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Client question about the details of a title search.

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