REO Auction Property


Subject: REO Auction Property

House owned by Citibank. #1 position is heloc by JP Morga Chase bank, up to $50,000. How do I determine if that would clear at sale of property? Or does this debt go to buyer of property? What kind of search would I need to find this information? Thank you for your time.


Thank you for your inquiry.  You might want to review the descriptions on the Property Records page for details and fees Clients who need lien information and are knowledgeable about a given area generally order the Full Lien Report.  Clients interested in the area statistics including current comparable valuation reports order the Full Lien Report PLUS, the Complete Records Package (the package also includes the zoning, parcel and flood maps together with a copy of the current vesting deed reflecting the full legal description of the property) or the Full Chain of Title showing the history. 

You may use the Abstract Service to submit your request for a payoff on any particular loan balance.  
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