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I am only looking for the previously recorded deed on a property. I do have the one that is currently on record, and only need the previous one. Which report will give me this?
I do not need any other information as the home does not have a mortgage, liens, etc. I have copies of everything I need except this one document.


Hello, I would suggest the Full property detail report. Once you identify the deed you are looking for you can then place an order with the Doc image report located on the property records page for a copy.

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Mark S.
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Just to be clear, you are recommending the option titled, “Full Property Detail Record” which is $19.50, or is it a different one?

Just so that you understand what I am looking for specifically… We need to sell my grandfather’s house as he is in a nursing home with end stage dementia and has been paying taxes, upkeep, etc. on his home which has been empty for more than three years.

The problem is that his wife (who passed away in 2006), filed a Transfer on Death Deed leaving her part of the home to her six children from her previous marriage. The current deed is ONLY the TOD deed, and somehow it does not show his name even listed.

We do know the original deed had them both listed, and to our knowledge he never signed anything giving up his survivorship rights nor did the children file anything after their mother passed away and there was no probate estate.

It’s all very confusing with the laws since it is Ohio, and they changed their transfer on death laws, and for a few years they used a deed to record a TOD, but then a few short years later they changed it to an affidavit simply accompanying the deed to record the TOD.

We have filed an affidavit revoking the TOD deed, but we are not sure if this is going to allow him to sell the home with a clear title. The step-children refuse to sign allowing it to be sold.

Truth be told, the house is not worth very much, but we would like to get rid of it the “right” way, but if we have to we will just let it sell to back taxes because we don’t know how else to get it out of his name. We’d like to prevent using an attorney because we don’t live in the state, and as I said above the home is not even worth much at this point.

Sorry for the novel. I just want to ensure that the report I would receive would have the details we are seeking.


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