Real Estate: Is a mortgage in my name?

How to figure out if I have a mortgage in my name?

Answer –  It would depend on what type of deed was recorded and/or whether a title policy was issued at closing. We would recommend the Full/Owner Property Lien Report which will reflect all recorded liens against the property and the previous owner.

Once you receive your report, please review the highlighted bankruptcy and judgment/lien sections. (if any) of the report (or all three sections in each report, if there are multiple reports) that may be relevant to the subject property. If the subject property was and/or will be purchased/sold conventionally or at auction, please verify all report information and ensure that all property and/or personal liens against the current owner and/or pre-foreclosure owners, if any, were discharged in bankruptcy, satisfied, extinguished in foreclosure or otherwise resolved to ensure clear title. Please note that (1) In some cases certain types of liens should be included in the opening minimum bid at the auction but are not and later form a title cloud; and (2) Quit-claim, Bargain and Sale and certain other types of deeds do not guarantee clear title to the new owner.






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