How To Perform U.S. Asset Recovery And Judgment Collections

Property Asset Searches And Collecting On Judgments

Evaluate the scenario and decide what your questions and concerns are. Are you buying a home or a commercial building? Refinancing?
Selling? Are you concerned about possible liens that were recorded but not released? Do you have a judgment against someone? If yes, do you know how you will recover the judgment? If not, do you know if the judgment debtor owns property in your state? In another state? Are you doing market research because you’re thinking about buying? Do you have legal questions? If you have legal questions, consider consulting a real estate attorney before making a decision about what your needs are. Most title researchers are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or legal opinions.

Consumers typically order the Full Lien Report to understand the condition of the property, for various reasons. Some buyers prefer to know what is owed on a property before making an offer or a counteroffer. Some homeowners simply want to view the lien report for their property and to see the lien status or know that there isn’t something on there that shouldn’t be. Lending institutions use the lien reports to underwrite loans using the subject property as collateral for the loan. Plaintiffs and attorneys use the Full Lien Report Plus (which includes valuation comparable based on all recorded sales) to estimate the value and the equity for judgment recovery purposes. Homeowners use the Full Lien Report to estimate the value and equity and then using those figures, estimate the list price and what they might expect to net from a sale.

We do not feel that all “people need to use property title searches.” The personal benefit depends on a person’s or entity’s wants and needs. Our clientele includes soon-to-be homeowners, current homeowners, investors, businesses, financial firms, lending institutions, and law firms. Our clients use the property records and lien reports they get through our website to research and evaluate a property’s status, property data, title condition, and transaction history, to make informed decisions and calculated offers. The bulk of our clientele wants to know who owns a given property and how much is owed on the property.
Homeowners, or other interested parties, also order the Full Property Report to view any foreclosure activity on the property whether there is a Notice of default to a bank pre-foreclosure or bank-owned REO.




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