Personal data removal and third party offerings


Hello US Title Records,

As a California resident I’m requesting you to remove any data related to me or my wife from your database or offerings.
Also don’t share or sell any of our personal data further to any of the 3rd parties.



Alma S.



Hello Dobroslav,

Our information is obtained and compiled from public sources, and from private sources that only contain publicly available information. For example, city/county/state/federal entities, i.e., filed court documents and/or documents recorded with a given county recorder’s office.

There are asset research companies that provide additional information but only if the individual or company requesting such information can certify that they are owed money from the subject individual or company.

Your private information cannot be disclosed by anyone other than you as it is protected by United States privacy laws.

Please let us know if you have additional questions or need more information.
Thank you,

Jeannie B.
Client Services

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