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Dear Sir/Madam, I am interested in doing a search on property and land that I believe my brother may have in the US. I am currently disputing my mothers WILL (after her death 2 years ago) where my brother states that he has no property and has cheated 4 sisters from our share by convincing our 89year old Dementia mother to give him life tenancy. I believe he has property in the US and would like information about how to do this and the costs associated. His names are: Michael Cepiieniuk, Michael Peter Cepiieniuk and Mike Soea. He travelled frequently to the US and coached a Grid Iron team previously. He is now 52years old and after working for 30 years he is declaring NO savings or property which I know is a lie. The 4 sisters (including myself) have been cheated considering that our mothers previous WILL was an “equal share” WILL. I am distraught and angry and am seeking rightful justice. Thank you and I hope to hear from you.




You can order the Individual Profile Report which will list properties owned currently or previously by the person. Then you can use the Search By Name feature to find out what is still owned, if anything.

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