Judgement of Possession (JOP) question and answer


Thank you for the information on the above referenced property.  As heirs, I find the Judgement of Possessions (JOP) for the children of four brothers and one sister whose children still have interest in the above referenced properties. I don’t, however, find any indication from the title documents that these individuals are on the title. Per the Sabine Court of Clerk site, there is no final deed issued to indicate how title was issued after the JOPs were filed with the court. Would you please answer the following questions?

1. Are the children of Clyde Smith, Edward Smith, Lopezia Smith, Antone Smith, and Aery Smith Lilly included on the title?2. If not, how was title determined?

3. If so, how do I get a complete list?

4. Do you know all of Shirley Smith’s phone numbers are disconnected?

5. If you are not the proper agency for these questions, would you please provide me with the contact information of that agency?

Thank you, in advance, for your time and attention to this matter.



Hello Dawnelda.  Thank you for your business and your well-organized inquiry.  Depending on the state, a filing/recording of Judgment of Possession may be the legal equivalent of title.  However, we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.  We recommend that you contact a real estate attorney in your area.  Many attorneys provide initial consultations at no charge.  Please let us know if you need a referral.

Thank you again.

Jeannie B.

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