Encroaching and eminent domain issues question

This article explains the issues that can arise from encroachment and eminent domain issues, title searches, and ownership.



QUESTION: The property was sold by James Free to Arbor Trailer Park Residents Association, a non-profit mutual benefit corporation.

My question is: ONE person signs the title when selling, who is that person? I have no way of knowing that. If the buyer or seller is an entity, it depends on who has the authority on behalf of the entity.

The city says I am encroaching onto their property. My question is: Are there any liens or easements or eminent domain issues on this property? Have you researched or requested a search to check for liens, easements, or notice of condemnation proceedings?

Lastly, when and how/why were the map boundary lines redrawn of block 52, in bk 007 pg 048 https://surveyor.countyofsb.org/rm_pdfs/bk007/r007_048.pdf  This is a question for the county office in charge of documenting same.

That’s it in a nutshell. The critical piece of info I truly need is anything relating to block 52 and what instruments were filed for the change in the legal description. Does that make sense? Yes, but this question was forwarded to me for handling without a copy of any report. Have you ordered a research or title search? If yes, could you please forward it to me for review?

Even I get confused when trying to explain what I need. You see, the legal description of the parcel in a portion of block 52 is different than what any survey map shows, therefore don’t you think there should be some sort of document associated with the deed or title ( whatever the difference is??) informing a potential buyer of that fact? Please forward your documents to me for review. Are you the new owner of the property? I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much for checking this out for me. I’m losing my mind here and so far the stress has given me Bell’s Palsy in my face and let me tell you, that sux big time. I’m so sorry to hear that! I will try to help you work through this.

Thank you,
Jeannie B.
Customer support team

Encroaching and eminent domain issues question

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