New deed prepared for property with no will, owners deceased question

Dear Sir/Madam:

I have a couple of questions about your services in regard to deeds for land parcels in Culpeper, Virginia.

My husband’s mother and father are both deceased and they both died without a will. They each had separate parcels of land in Culpeper Virginia. My husband has a brother so the two of them would like to have a title/deed search done so that they can have a new deed prepared in both their names for their mother;s land and a new deed prepared in their names plus a cousin’s name.

My husband’s father’s land is in the name of him and his cousin who is also deceased. His share of the land would pass to his only daughter.

My son and I actually went to the Culpeper Courthouse and the last deed of record is in the name of my husband’s father and his cousin. However, my husband’s cousin’s daughter just recently told us that she has a deed that is in only her father’s name and that my husband’s father’s name is not on it. We could not find that the deed she is referring to in the court records and it appears that if she does have a deed it was never recorded but we don’t know for sure, and the Court told us that as long as it has not been recorded then the deed on file is the one they will honor, which again is in the name of my husband’s father and his cousin.

Secondly, my husband’s mother also has a parcel of land in Culpeper, Virginia and we looked up that deed also at the Courthouse and it shows she is the only owner of record. Again, my husband and his brother would like to have a search done so that they can have a new deed prepared conveying the land to them.

Can you please tell me what the detailed scope of your search would entail and would it be $275 for each search? We want to make sure that when they have new deeds prepared that it is done with correct and accurate information in tow. Also, your website says your search only goes back 30 years. I believe these deeds may have been conveyed in the late 60s or 70s.

Also, if we use your service and you find the information that we provided is accurate and of record as to the last owners of records and the rights of my husband and his brother to have a deed prepared for their mother’s land parcel and then have a deed prepared in the names of my husband, his brother and the cousin’s daughter could you also prepare such deeds and what would be the cost for preparing both deeds.

Thank you very much. I look forward to your reply.

Janice H.




Order a copy of the current vesting deed using the following link will show who the current owners are today:

If you want a chain of title with copies of all images, you may order a chain of title. However, you may want to start with a full property detail record with transaction history showing the transfer history using this link:

Please let us know if you have questions or need more information.

Thank you,

Jeannie B.
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