As Mortgage Rates Increase, Potential Buyers Decide It’s Time To Buy Now.

While current mortgage rates are still low compared to mortgage rates a decade or more ago, word has it that mortgage rates will continue to increase. That news has many potential home buyers anxious to buy now, especially since home building is on the rise. Unfortunately, choosing the right home is not as easy. U.S Title Records added a new service in to make that choice easier. For the first time, home shoppers can do their homework thoroughly and quickly before making that big decision by using the company’s new Home Buyer Package. The package includes a plethora of critical information about the property and the seller. The reports feature lot and property characteristics so that the potential buyer has all the details needed about the home and land. The report also reflects mortgage and sale history and includes search results for property liens, judgments, and information relating to the homeowner’s association, if one exists, taxes, flood & zoning and foreclosure activity, if any.

The Home Buyer Package also comes with an Individual Profile Report on the seller, which includes information about the seller and search results for UCC filings, personal lien searches and more. Personal/general liens recorded against the seller but not the property specifically will likely attach to the property before and sometimes after closing, forming a cloud on the title and resulting in a need to make a claim against the escrow policy. Unfortunately, such liens are not known until a preliminary title report is generated after a contract is negotiated and escrow is opened. In other words, having that information before a contract is negotiated can save time and money for all parties. Finally, the package also includes a comparable sales valuation report for all recorded sales (not just MLS sales) and neighborhood demographics with key data regarding local businesses, crime rates, schools and an aerial/street map.

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