California real estate potentially owned by a NY decedent


California real estate potentially owned by a NY decedent

I am handling an estate in which the decedent’s Will devised her interest at time of death, if any, in real property located in Tuolumne County CA. Trying to find out if she died holding any interest in real property in that county. She reported owning a fractional interest in two tax lots in such county back in 2009. What would be your charge and turnaround time to provide this information? Sorry, also meant to ask whether that search product would it result in a certified written report which either provides detailed information on all real estate ownership interest(s) held by the decedent in such county at the time of her death or confirmation that she held no interest in real estate in such county at time of death and providing details regarding her disposition of same? Would this all be covered for the $175 charge?

Thank you.

Debora J.




Your recent inquiry was referred to me for handling.  Thank you for reaching out to us.

You can use the “Abstract Feature” ($95) and we will include a nationwide search for any property that is/was in the subject individual’s name.  Please provide the full legal name plus any associated identifying information you have (date of birth, for example).  Once you receive the results, you can order specific reports depending on the type of details you want, i.e., property detail, chain of ownership title, liens, valuation information, etc.
We are a title research company.  We do not sell title insurance or guarantee the accuracy of the information.  Our disclaimers mirror those of the entities from which we extract and then compile the information.  That said, we have had a handful of reports with inaccuracies in over a decade of doing business.
We do not certify any of the information in our same-day reports.  You may pay a fee to certify the information but the price would depend on what exactly you need.  We would provide a quote for you which must be paid in advance. Please note that a certified report of any kind may take 3 to 10 business days, depending on the county or counties involved.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
Thank you,
Jeannie B.
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