Question about reclaiming a property with back taxes owed on it.


My name is Jama R. I was writing to ask which report I need to see about the properties in Indianapolis Indiana where a buyer only has to pay the taxes due on a property to then own the home…if i understand correctly…once a buyer pays the taxes on the home then the (previous) occupant has 2 or so years to come back and reclaim the property?
Which report do I need to buy/download to get this information or how and where do i get that information? I apologize…this is all a bit confusing for me but I’m trying to buy an investment property. I need to understand how buy but not to resell but to fix up and own/live in!



I recommend the Full Property Lien Report and the Neighborhood Valuation Report. Those two reports should give you the information you need to do your research. The total cost would be $200 and you may order through the site on the order page. Please let me know if you have questions and here are the links to read the descriptions:


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Jeannie B.
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