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If I understand correctly, you need a copy of the deed transferring the property out of your name. Is that correct? If yes, you may use the following link to pay for that service.

Please let us know if you have more information or have additional questions. Thank you so much.

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Subject current owners

I am trying to get documentation that proves the Citimortgage no longer has financial interest in the home they foreclosed on from us. Because the account has been closed Citimortgage says they can’t give me a letter stating that. They sent me to the attorney who handled the foreclosure but they told me to just go to the county and get a copy of the deed. I don’t live in Missouri anymore so that isn’t possible and the county does not do anything online yet. Is a title the same thing as a deed? I looked at all the different things you offer but I’m not sure which one will work. If it helps, the reason we need this is so that we can prove to State Farm that Citimortgage no longer has financial interest in the property so that they will reissue our claim check in just our names.





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