US Title Records refund policy question


Hello, we would like a refund on this order as it appears to be missing some liens that I am pretty sure are attached to the property.





Our client service department responds to all inquiries immediately. You mentioned missing information but we have not yet received  evidence of missing records/information or inaccuracies.  Please forward that information at your earliest convenience.  That is all we need to issue a refund.
I am not authorized to issue a refund without that information pursuant to the terms and conditions of our company services.  The reason for this is online consumer fraud.  Most of our clients are professionals and do not commit consumer fraud, but there is a percentage (usually individuals) who purchase services online and then file disputes to receive the services at no charge.
Like many corporate services today, we do not have a call center.  All communications are written and maintained for quality control and liability reasons.  Most of our clients prefer that and are used to it, but it does frustrate some people and we apologize for that.
We have serviced mostly lenders, attorneys, brokers, real estate investors and individual homebuyers for nearly a decade.  Complaints are rare and always resolved.  All that said, please forward the relevant information so that I can obtain authorization to issue a refund.  Again, I apologize for your frustrations.
Thank you,
Jeannie B.
Client Services