U.S.T.R. Property Records And Data

How property records and real estate information are collected by U.S. Title Records.


We collect the documents from a variety of sources, including digital databases and title plants. Please see the disclaimers and our terms of use as we do not issue title policies. Our clients, many of whom are seasoned real estate investors, use this service for research purposes and to purchase property at auction. Still, unless you purchase a title policy to close a transaction, the information cannot be guaranteed.

Most of our auction clients purchase the home buyer’s package if they are not familiar with the neighborhood/area. The clients who know the area well will generally purchase the Full Property/Owner Lien report.” Also, please let us know when you are purchasing a property for auction purposes because we can include a profile report for the previous owner at no extra charge. We do this because sometimes personal liens pop up after the auction and then the new owner is sometimes responsible for those amounts.

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