Uniform Commercial Code Question

Dear Client:

Attached please find two Entity Profile Reports. We searched the states of West Virginia, Virginia and nationwide. Attached are the two reports that came up. Nothing came up for the state searches. The nationwide search efforts results in two reports: The first one is under the listing name for GrainComm I LLC which is “Grain Communications Group.” The second one is entitled “GrainComm I LLC.”

Thank you,

Jeannie B.


Client reply:

Hi Jeannie (nice name!),

I was hoping to pull in county information. Do you have the ability to search a particular county in West Virginia for UCC filings?


Jeannie J.


Customer support reply:

Hello Jeannie. I was thinking the same thing 😊

The Uniform Commercial Code establishes the procedure for recording liens nationwide. Each state’s Secretary of State office processes the lien filings. In other words, UCC liens are generally searchable via a given state’s Secretary of State office (as opposed to a county recorder’s office where most types of liens are recorded).

I will look into it further for you though. Please allow me 24-48 hours to make some inquiries and reply because I’m required to answer questions in the order that they are routed to me and put new, non-emergency queries in line. That said, let me know if this is an emergency.

Thank you,

Jeannie B.

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