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Lyons v. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Ofc., No. B256041

(California Court of Appeal, 12/03/2014)

The California Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court’s decision to dismiss this case. Plaintiff Lyon claimed that inappropriate documents were recorded to execute the foreclosure proceedings on her condominium and filed suit against the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office and the Recorder’s office.  appellate court found that the lower court’s dismissal of the case was appropriate because Plaintiff did not have a claim against the Sheriff’s department.  Furthermore, the court found that the county recorder’s office is obligated to record whatever documents are submitted for recording and have no independent duty to decide whether or not a given document is legally appropriate. Note:  Complimentary foreclosure activity is available with full property detail report orders. https://www.ustitlerecords.com/search-property-records/ for lien and title records.