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I am looking to purchase a property the seller bought from county tax sale. He sells under a quitclaim deed. Before purchasing I would to be able to later be able to get a free and clear title clear of any liens and other encumbrancers. So I need advice on what reports would best. Property address is 2xx1 Gathings Dr West Memphis AR 723xx



The Complete Records Package is $195, but if you are not interested in document images, zoning, parcel, flood maps, etc., then you may opt for the Full Property Lien Report Plus ($110). If you are not interested in comparable valuation reports and neighborhood statistics, then you may choose to order the Full Lien Report ($95).

We recommend clicking on the property records page ( and viewing the various report options. When you click on a given report, it will show you the complete detail of what you would receive.

We have buyers that are familiar with the neighborhood and choose to order the Full Lien Report. If a buyer is not familiar with the area, then they generally choose the Full Lien Report Plus or the Complete Records Package.

Please let us know if you have additional questions or need more information.

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