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Tina J.

Hi Joan. Thank you for your inquiry.

We are an online title research company serving all U.S. counties and its territories. Our company niche is to search/compile/format/deliver research results quickly (same day for most services), depending on the client’s needs. We match the disclaimers of individual counties and vendors because, while most of the time the collective data is materially accurate, it cannot be guaranteed without certification and/or a title policy. Each service varies. If you order a full property/owner lien report, for example, one of our analysts would search the relevant sources and then compile and format the information into one, user-friendly report delivered in PDF format via email. We also provide unlimited consulting at no extra charge to answer questions or do additional research as needed. If there is limited information available on a given property address and/or property owner, the information in our service report will also be limited. Please note that we do not close transactions or issue title policies. We can certify the report results; however, that service is not “same day” and is more expensive so it is quoted.

We have been helping our clients across the globe conduct their own due diligence quickly for more than a decade. All services all confidential and anonymous. Our client base is comprised largely of seasoned real estate investors, equity groups, law firms, boutique lenders, brokers, other professionals – and the general public, to a lesser extent. If you are interested in a company that handles closings, we recommend First American Title.

Please let us know if you have additional questions or need more information.