Property and title records sources and data question


I don’t understand what is typically put in there or how you get your information. I understand that you can’t give any legal advice, I’m just trying to get help reading your report. So are you telling me there is no way of knowing if the mortgage has been paid off? Is it common for it NOT to be recorded when it is released? If there isn’t a release do I assume there is still some left?


Our data comes from the recorder’s office. If a release has not been recorded, that means that either the mortgage is not yet paid in full or that a release was not properly recorded. Unfortunately, yes, it can be fairly common that a release is not recorded after a mortgage is paid off. Please use the Abstractor Service to request a mortgage payoff. If you need a release recorded (that should have been but was not), please let us know and we can provide you with the appropriate referrals to solve that problem.

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