Preparing to sell your home FSBO, where to start


I am looking to do a FSBO on a residential property (we live in a rural area with no realtors) and need to obtain documents regarding the property for the sale, but I’m not sure which package through US title records will provide me with all of the necessary documentation?





Typically a seller would first want to show that they have “Marketable title“, showing that there are no liens or encumbrances (clouds on title) as well as letting the potential buyers that they have the right to sell the property (vesting deed copy showing that they are on title). Most sellers would use the Expanded title search report located on the property records page of the site. This search/report includes a voluntary and involuntary lien search for the property and owner as well as a copy of the most current vesting deed to the property, showing that are on title as primary owner.

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