How to find out if I have a lien or judgment against me or my business?

Many clients ask, “Are there any outstanding liens or judgments filed against me personally or against my business or employer?”  The best answer is to perform a complete lien search with the relevant city, county, state and federal entities. Many online title and lien search companies do not have the capability to perform a thorough person or entity background search. However, there are a few the United States including U.S. Asset Records.

Generally, liens, i.e., tax liens, UCC filings, court judgments will eventually attach to personal or company property and/or assets to secure the debts and the creditor’s interest, but that is not always the case. General liens differ from property liens as they are filed or recorded against the individual or entity rather than a given property and remain until the debt is fully satisfied and released or expired.  It is important to note that general liens are not always automatically attached to property owned by the debtor, depending on whether the lien was recorded and then indexed correctly by the county so that the lien can be found by both name and address.

The best way to maximize the chances of accuracy is to complete searches and sub-searches with every relevant government entity and cross-reference those searches with names and related address and identifiers.

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