Online Title Search Obtaining Lien Records

Accessing Online Title Searches | Obtaining property and lien records on the web.


In our digital age, you don’t need boots to reach a county recorder’s office. Most counties are now digitized, with some
exceptions. However, for older documents that are not available digitally, and for county records that are not available online, our Abstractor Service is available. Our research is as accurate as each county’s digitized records and is similar to a preliminary title report. We generate the lien reports by obtaining and verifying property data and records through various sources which include online data-based indexes, as well as document retrieval or abstracting via microfilm and microfiche per county.


Todays online resources vs yesterday’s technology

Our research results and reports do not come with a title insurance policy, as the records, information and results are only as accurate as the counties’ databases. If a sale is going to close, a title insurance policy is generally purchased to protect the parties to a transaction from issues that may arise in the future due to incorrect data or documents that may have been recorded improperly, or not recorded at all.

This applies to all types of consumers. For example, if a self-represented plaintiff or an attorney is going to foreclose on an HOA lien before a foreclosure complaint is filed, they typically order a litigation guarantee from a title company located within the county in which the subject property is located. While a title researcher’s lien reports generally match the recorded information in the local title company’s litigation guarantee, the Full Lien Report Plus is used to estimate the condition of title and equity, because it is produced quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a litigation guarantee. Once a decision is made to proceed with the litigation, the client orders the litigation guarantee, the cost of which ranges from approximately $400 to several thousand dollars, depending on the total liability at issue.


Performing a comprehensive title search with county recorder disclaimers

Buyers and lenders must understand that even though data may be recorded with the county, there are sometimes imperfections in the material such as dates, amounts, or simple typos made when county staff members enter this data. Hence, the always available “Terms of Use” are included in viewing/using recorded county documents. That disclaimer absolves the county of liability for any errors and omissions that may have been made in processing and recording documents. We have similar “Terms of Use” on our site, as do most title researchers and title research companies. Guarantees are generally only available with the purchase of insurance. However, if the information is inaccurate and a consumer can show that, it certainly makes sense to request a refund.

End results expected for performing your title research

Evaluate the scenario and decide what your questions and concerns are. Are you buying a home or a commercial building? Maybe you are Refinancing, or Selling? Are you concerned about possible liens that were recorded but not released? Do you have a judgment against someone? If yes, do you know how you will recover the judgment? If not, do you know if the judgment debtor owns property in your state? In another state? Are you doing market research because you’re thinking about buying? Do you have legal questions? If you have legal questions, consider consulting a real estate attorney before deciding what your needs are. Most title researchers are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or legal opinions.