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Good afternoon! I represent an executor of an estate and he would like to search the deed records of North Carolina and the DMV area (DC, Maryland and Virginia) to determine if the deceased has any property in those states that they don’t know about already by searching for his name. Is that possible? If so, what would it cost?

Michelle M.
Yes, that would involve both the “Title search by name” report and the “Individual search profile” reports located on the property records page of the site.
Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Thank you,
Mark S.
Client Response:
Mark, good morning! I am confused with the Title search by name service. From your response you stated botha title search by name for each state as well as the Individual profile report would be needed for the information I requested. However, only the Individual profile report has provided me with the information I stated I was looking to obtain.
Initially I received zero results (see attached “Title search by name results1. J. Moore”). I responded that I knew for sure that the person’s name I requested the search for owned property in North Carolina and I asked if different versions of his name was searched. I provided the full first, middle and last name so your staff would have the most information they needed to conduct the search. It seems like it should be your standard practice to search other versions of the names. I specifically asked in my follow up after receiving the initial search if the first and last name, as well as the first name, middle initial and last name were searched. I received a response for just the North Carolina search and it just contained numbers and not any actual information regarding the hits (see attached “Title search by name results2 (NC). J.Moore”) 
Hi Michelle,
Mark forwarded a copy of your email to me.  The records department ran the “title search by name” service in all three states.  However, the name is very common so there were many results.  There were no results for Moore, John Hendrick in any of the three states. Hence the additional search we ran with the middle initial and additional search with no initial or middle name. Have you received a copy of those results yet for all three states?  If not, they should be forthcoming.
We did extra research at no charge to isolate the property or properties associated with the individual you are researching.  The property reports for the relevant property or properties will also be provided to you at no extra charge.
Just FYI, the $30.00 fee per state is to run the searches using the name provided by the client in each of the states requested.  If we get too many results we run different versions of the name (with and without first name, initials, etc.) at no extra charge. Please let me know if I’m missing something and I will try to resolve the issue for you.
Thank you,
Jeannie B
Jeannie, thank you for your follow up. The problem I have is the initial response was an email that said no results were found (see attached), with no mention of a follow up search for different variations of the name. I was the one who asked for a search with the middle initial as well as just first and last name. Then I was sent the search results with just the number of hits, but not the actual results, and it was for just one state. I had to specifically request the other two states, and was sent the same number only results with no detail. I ordered an Individual Profile Report with additional details so I don’t understand why that info couldn’t be used to narrow down the search without me having to ask for it to be done. I have since been sent the details for John H. Moore for all three states that looks like what I expected to get when I ordered the service. And your report was very thorough, so thank you. I look forward to getting the final report and I will follow up on the name search report if my client’s request more detail.
Hi Michelle,

When the records department found that they could not narrow down the results, they forwarded the order to me for further research.
When I receive that type of referral, I research the profile first and then send copies back to the records department so that they can use the exact name as it is written on the assessment record and re-run the searches.
In other words, the results will be forthcoming. When I sent the profile report to you, I copied in the records department for that reason. In addition, you are entitled to a complimentary property detail report on the addresses you request so that you can view more in-depth information.  The company provides that as a courtesy.
I’m sorry I probably didn’t explain it correctly. The records department forwarded your entire order to me for further research. You should have received a notification of that so you didn’t wonder about the delay. I also should’ve explained it better in my initial email. I’m sorry!
What you received was just a notification letting you know that there are so many results because of the common name. You will receive a list with the addresses if you haven’t already.
Please let me know when you receive those for all three states.
Thank you.
Okay thank you, I will wait for the additional results for the name without the middle name or initial.
Attached is a preliminary report on “John H Moore” in the states of Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.
The “John H Moore” we found associated with Sondi Waters and Victor Moore was reportedly born in March 1924 and passed away in January 1988.  His last reported address was in Virginia. He was issued a social security number in North Carolina (244-26-XXXX).
The “John H Moore” we found in North Carolina was also reportedly born in March 1924.  He was also issued a social security number in North Carolina, but the number is 242-22-XXXX.  In addition, there is a “John H Moore III” associated with that individual.
The “John H. Moore” we found in Maryland was born in July 1923 and passed away in November 1997.  Ironically, he was issued a social security number in the state of Virginia (224-28-XXXX).
It is important to note that listed real property does not indicate that the property is currently owned by the individual or his heirs.  Please let us know if you are able to identify the individual  for whom you are searching.  Also let us know if you need ownership or other property information for a given address or if you have other questions.
Okay thank you received!!
Thanks for all of your attention to my matter and attention to detail!
We will use your services again in the future.