Are your reports to a title company before providing a loan insurance policy?

Client question regarding U.S. ASSET RECORDS:

Thank you very much, the only question I have is this report, is it similar to a title search that a local title company would provide prior to issuing title loan insurance?

Nick S.



Hello Nick,

Some of the information is similar with key differences.  We are an asset research company and our affiliate, U.S. Title Records, is a title research company.  
Our clients consist mostly of businesses and individuals looking for asset details on other individuals or businesses.  The U.S. Title Records client base is made of mostly of law firms, private lenders, real estate investors, mortgage brokers but also the general public.  Neither company closes real estate transactions or provides title insurance.  We usually recommend First American Title Company or any certified title agent in your area.
Please let us know how you heard about us and if you are happy with the service, please consider taking the time to review our service.  We have recently established a Facebook business page and a way for clients to review the service. If you are on Facebook, you can search “U.S. Asset Records,” like our page and write a review.
Thank you for your business.  Please keep in mind that we always answer questions at no charge as part of our client service.
Alexandra Bren

Research Department



That makes sense, thank you very much. I ordered this before I close on a house to make sure nothing will come up when the title company searches me for the lenders policy. It seems thorough enough and everything that came back I expected, thank you again.
Nick S.


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